„We are sung, musically into form. I love this fact. We are all part of a symphony, a choreography of a score. But we bring love to the game…that is our essence our participation and our ultimate goal..“ Stuart Mitchell

The Human Genome – Chromosome 1 – Real-time 3000 NPM

“The chromosome continuum acts like a dynamical holographic grating, which displays or transduces weak laser light and solitonic electro-acoustic field. In other words, the code is transformed into physical matter guided by light and sound signals.“


The first 60,000 base pairs of Chromosome 1 – Homo sapien translated into sound and frequency at 3000 nucleotides per minute/3000 Beats per minute.

„There is no difference between your breathing and the breathing of the rain forest, between your bloodstream and the world’s rivers, between your bones and the cliffs of Dover. Every shift in ecosystem has affected you at the level of your genes. The Universe remembers its evolution by leaving a record written in DNA. This means that your genes are the focal point for everything happening in the world. They are your line of communication with nature as a whole. The Universe thinks and works through you…“- Deepak Chopra

The word chromosome comes from the Greek χρῶμα (chroma, colour) and σῶμα (soma, body) due to their property of being very strongly stained by particular dyes.

All the proceeds from the Human Genome Music is going toward the health and beauty of humanity. We are donating all proceeds to children’s causes all over the planet, so that the Human Genome Sequence does ‘not’ just become a string of data. But takes care of the generations to come, that will depend upon our artistic, caring and scientific discoveries to benefit all mankind and our future generations..all we need to do, is care about our and our children’s future..and really care about it..