Visually, Vranesevic is inspired by everything that corresponds to the subject of The Land of Silence, which is the tumultuous times of the appearance of the Russian avant-garde – Maljevic, Tatljin, El Lisicki and others.The Opera was recorded with the help of the PVC POP & THE RED BLACK GANG OF FOURfeaturing Vladimir Opsenica (vocals and the electric guitar); Mirjana Draganic and Vojislav Malesev (vocals); and Commander Adam (CD sound engineer and coproducer). At the concert performance, Pedja Vranesevic will perform for the first time with special guests: Zoran Tegeltija(vocals and drums), Dusan Rasic (vocals and percussion) and Milan Kerezovic (vocals and sax), as well as his daughters: Galja, a concert pianist living and working in Koeln (keyboards and vocals), and Natasa, a successful choreographer and dancer.The scenography consists of a replica of the installation art created by the poet and writer Slobodan Tisma THE CUBE, which was first exhibited in the Catholic Churchyard in Novi Sad in 1970, and is a reminder of their joint success in introducing new artistic approaches in the then Yugoslavian scene via the art group KOD. The concert performance is accompanied by the exhibition of Pedja Vranesevic’s paintings created in this year, and the promotional package consisting of a series of prints, an article about the history of the Opera, and a CD.The video clip The Crime Section from THE LAND OF SILENCE was made by a team of authors from the Academy of Arts of Novi Sad led by Professor Jovan Milinov.The Opera is produced by the Citizens’ Association of New Arts LABORATORY XXI from Novi Sad in cooperation with the Cultural Center Dom Omladine Belgrade.THE LAND OF SILENCE is an artistic interpretation of the events that took place during the nineties and culminated on 5 October 2000, and which are still happening today, together with an anticipation of what might happen to all of us tomorrow.