Igor Krutoy’s (1954) first great success arrived in 1987, when he and Rimma Kazakova, co-wrote the popular hit song „Madonna“ performed by Alexander Serov. After that he went on to write over 100 popular songs in Russia and collaborate with every major Russian music star including such names as ‘Alla Pugacheva’, Valeriy Leontev, Irina Allegrova and Laima Vaikule. He has won accolades from every musical organization in Russia and has been admired by millions of Russian fans. He has released over 30 albums and has sold over 20 million records. Igor continues to write and perform and also is a significant philanthropist contributing millions of dollars to film festivals, musical festivals, and many organizations supporting the arts. Igor also organized first music channel in Russia, his own record company ARS, and radio station „Love Radio“.