In this seminar, major European music organisations wish to bring together a large representation of the European music education sector for a follow-up of the issues raised by the publications of UNESCO’s Seoul Agenda and EMC’s Bonn Declaration. The aim is to join our forces and enhance the dialogue between different levels and areas of music education in order to pursue the translation of the three goals set in these documents, Access, Quality and Social Challenges, into strategies, recommendations  and real actions. Some of those are common to the whole music education sector in Europe, whereas others diverge according to the organisations and educational settings. 

This is why the programme of the seminar offers the possibility to hold both parallel and plenary meetings in the wonderful premises of the Palace of Arts close to the Danube, reserved for three full days. Another added value of this seminar will be the active presence of the Working Group Youth of the EMC, monitoring the whole meeting and giving the final Wrap-up session.

The deadline for registration is 15 September, 2012.

Upon registration you will receive practical information and the detailed programme at the end of September.
If you have any questions concerning the registration do not hesitate to contact the EMU office by email office(at)

We are truly looking forward to welcoming you in Budapest for a fruitful meeting and a wonderful stay.

Helena Maffli
President EMU