On the 3rd and 4th of October 2014 a meeting with the EMU board was held in Belgrade – Serbia. For all members of the board it was their first time in Belgrade and thanks to the wonderful organisation of the Association of Music and Ballet schools in Serbia, all members got a great oppertunity to get to know the capital city of Serbia and its culture. 

Even though the EMU meeting had a tight schedule, the members were able to meet a lot of colleagues. It was very fruitful, a versatile and abundant music programme, culinary discoveries, a city tour and a lot of friendly professional contacts and discussions.

The Belgrade meeting will remain an important milestone on EMU’s way to the future. The board is convinced that more co-operation in the Balkan area could lead to more intense versatile and efficient coöperation inside the EMU. Everyone hopes the that future contacts and projects will enable more EMU members to get acquainted with Serbia’s pedagogical tradition and its results. As Serbia can be proud of the music education, the teachers and students.

Helena Maffli